Public Point: Increase Facebook Page Likes & Followers

Increase Facebook Page Likes & Followers

AddMeFast ALL iMacros Scripts Download

First Install Mozilla Firefox
Next Install add on iMacros
-copy downloaded script into C:\Users\username\Documents\iMacros\Macr
-login to your social sites account facebook twitter etc,
-login to your addmefast account
-Open iMacros,set loop (I prefer 400) and click on play loop
NOTE: change your facebook, twitter, youtube etc language to ENGLISH for the best experience. :)

Other than Scripts

First You Have To Login To 
And open this URL
Earn Credits
Than set your page or account where you want to get likes or followers.
You can get unlimited followers and like on your page.
But you have to Earn Credit as more as you can.
Best of Luck.


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