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New Technology Funny Video Must Watch کیا بات ہے ھاھاھاھاھا نئی ٹیکنالوجی ضرور دیکھئے

کیا بات ہے ھاھاھاھاھا نئی ٹیکنالوجی ضرور دیکھئے

Watch the video click below 

You Where Not Seen This Kind Of Funny Video Ever

                  Is tarha ky bhee friends hotey hain jo asa mazaq kartay hain. Lakin koi be acha dost apnay dost ky sath is tarha ka mazaq nahi kar sakta. Jab app is video ko dakhen gay tou app heran hoo hain gay q ky main nay is say pehlay asa drama apni life main nahi dakha. Lakin is tarha ki dosti ki ko saalam ha maera. Is tarha ka mazaq wo be Office main sab ky samnay koi be nahi kar sakta. Dakhiye ga zaror.

Girls Must Watch This Video And Try To Avoid This Act

Boys if you are traveling in a local buss than be sure you are not standing with a girl and girls if you are standing with a boy than do not think that every one is the same like others.

متھیرا کی بیہودگی کا ایک اور کارنامہ منظرعام پر آ گیا- ویڈیو دیکھیں

Is this the Pakistan's culture. As we are Pakistani's and we belongs to the sophisticated families. After seeing this song video i must say that we are going to destroy soon because Mathira kind of singers and actors are destroying our youth. We are going far and far from Islam just because of our society.  

A lake of Fire Which Remind You of Hell

This world have many places where human is not be able to reach. Their are many places situated in the world which are still nu-discovered and nobody can reach at those places. Most of the people have seen lakes of water which attracts us most. Every body wants to visit that places and want to enjoy the view and environment, and the remarkable beauty of nature. But a lake situated in "Rustoloove" is much different from the other lakes because this lake is a "Fire Lake" which is not having a water in it. It is filled with hot Fired Lava. Nobody was reached on this lake and no one knows about it. But a couple reached on this lake and they observed it very keenly and after discovering this lake they published an articular to tell every one about this lake. After publishing, this news get popular all over the world. It is reality based news and this lake is in Rustoloove on the peak of an mountain which is having 11400 feet height. A man who have made the picture of this lake, name is "Mikhail" whom invent this lake with his wife and create a great example of invention. Mikhail told to the people that its not a small and it is not boiled for some time, This lake get boil every time, lava and smoke comes out from it every time.

Mathira Latest Leaked Photos Scandal

Mathira Scandal Latest Leaked Pictures. Here is Mathira Leaked Latest Pictures Where Mathira without cloths and underwear. After this Leaked Photos Published on internet Mathira feeling proud. So must watch and share this.

Punjab University Girls Are Participating In Dance

Watch the Video Below 

The Dual Face Human In The World

Is Dunia maen hr shakhs ne apni zindagi men boht see ajeeb o ghareeb cheezen dekhi hon gee jis ko dakh kr wo bht herat zada b h0ua ho ga or un ko dakh kar heran be hua ho ga. Dunia maen boht sey aisy ajooby hain jo insan ki soch say balatar hotay hain ky ye kia cheez ha jis ko dakh kr insani aqal dang reh jati hy. Insan ye sochny par mjbur ho jata hy ky is ko banany waly ki kia hi baat ho gi kiun k ALLAH hi sb chizon ka bnany wala hy. Aisa hee aik ajeeb o ghreeb insan jo ky dunia ky ajoobon maen shumar kia jana chahye tha. Aik aisa shakhs jis ky 2 face hain. Gee han London men aik aisa insan Mojud hay jis ka aik face nahi balky 2 face hain. Yeh shakhs dunia ka wahid insan hay jis ka aik face to baki insano jesa hay or is k ilawa us sar kay pichy be aik face hay. Ye shakhs ki kahani pori dunia maen famous ho choki hay or ye shakkhs apny is ajooby ki wja se tng hay. Is shakhs ka pichla hisa bazahir to dikhny men ata hay magr ye us ka kahna hay k ye shetani face hay jo ky bol nahi sakta magr just face expression deta hay. Ye face us ko boht tang karta hay raat ko soty huy awazen nikalta hay or sakoon sey sony be nahi deta. Is shkhs nay bataya k jab main pareshani maen hota hon to ye face meri preshani py muskrata hy. Yeh shetani chehra aty jaty logon ko be tang karta hay jis ki waja se ye shakhs had say ziada preshan hy. Is shakhs ne apny face or zindgi se tang aa kr khud kushi kr li hy or aik note chora hay k mere marny k bad is face ko meri body se alag kr dia jay ta k main qabar men is kay shar se mehfooz reh sakun. or ye keh kr wo shakhs is dunia se chla gya.

سٹوڈنٹ ویزا پر گئی لندن میں میں پاکستانی لڑکیوں پر کیا بیت رہی ہے

This Video is eye opening for our sisters whom are go to London for further studies or for job.This video will show that what they have to pay after reaching in london ,our sisters are gone there for studies but what is happening with them ,watch this strange video that will make you aware that do not send your sisters to abroad alone.

Marvi Memon Before Joining PMLN نواز شریف گروپ عورتوں کی شلواریں اتارتے ہیں! ویڈیو دیکھیں :

Pakistan's politicians are so cheap. In This video Marvi Memon was give a live statement about Pakistani women and their security before joining Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz ,watch it and see how his statements are change now just in few months ,i can only say badalta hay rang asman kesy kesy – watch below video

A Shameless Act By Arab Princes اسی لئے امت مسلمہ خوار ہو رہی ہے

All the world but most important Muslim countries are in the war of terror and some countries are got target by Non-Muslims. In Shaam and Iraq many of Muslims are killed by non-muslims. Its is not limited till Sham and Iraq, It is now started in Phalisten Ghaza. Every person thinks that Muslims countries are helping Ghaza in diffrent ways, but they will be shoked when they will get to know that the Prince of Arab Countries are busy in their enjoyments . After the End of EID many Prince of Irqa, Shaam, and Ghaza are gone London for the picnic. All Princes are reached in London with their cars and the roads are filled with them. Hundreds of cars come in private plans for the Arab Princes which are so much expensive in price. People of London are so much irritate by all this stuff. Owners of London hotels are so much happy because they got a chance to earn much money. The princes of Muslim Countries are busy in their enjoyments. They don't have and intention for Ghaza, Iraq and Shaam.  

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