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Several Women Died In India (Indian Government Plan Got Failed)

In India, People are still following the old traditions where sectarianism is still a part of the society, still they are believing on "Barhaman" or "Shoodhar". Few days before, a program was started in India to control the population . But after the research on that program, people come to know that this program is not for controlling the population because it will create a huge number of deaths in India. In this program doctors operate the woman uterus. After getting operate, woman will not be able to give birth of children. In this process 11 women died in India and more than 50 women are still in critical situation. Times of India publish the story about this program and tells that a doctor operate 83 women with in 2 hour and 30 mints in a village near to Blas city. Look at the Insensitivity of the doctor, he operate one woman in 2 mints. After the operation women was face the blood was coming out from the body. Because of this 11 women died in this process.

Reporter of the news paper was shocked to see that the hospital in which women get treated was closed past many years. Hospital was not had the latest machinery and operations tools but still the Government of India was held and start the program in that village.

قصور کس کا تھا ۔۔۔ ؟ شاید آپ کو سمجھ آ جاےَ -

Merit is a word, which means to do work hard and get the relevant place. The sad thing is that We hardly merit a place where it is maintained. If we move forward either reading A. B. C  Would have you mustily believe , but the fact that no one is aware of the action that seems impossible to get a job on merit. In Pakistan many educated youth are unemployed because of corruption .

Youth conference was held recently where a guest addressed and in address tells about a heart touching event. One time he was a member of a team who were doing interviews, While interviewing sort of a poor boy came to give interview, what ever we ask he always answered right, we ask more than forty questions from this guy but he did not give a wrong answer.

We were shocked to see his talent. Then we ask him to wait for the results.  Boy said when he was going that you will hire those people which names are given by the minister in list, i am not going to get the list. We got stunned on his words. We go to the minister and give him the list having that boys name, but minister torn the list. We remain silent on this act.

More over he told that 2 years later, A newspaper published some robbers pictures, Newspaper also had a picture of that talented boy. After listing this tragic news every person's head got down in the conference hall. I was thinking that how much he indignant at the injustices that the boy would become a tool of criminal groups and was join the wrong track?

Two dacoits killed in alleged police encounter

Two dacoits have been killed in an alleged police encounter that took place at Hassan Square in Karachi on Friday.
According to the police, the dacoits were busy in looting people at Hassan Square. When the police arrived at the scene the dacoits opened fire at them, police said.
The police retaliated and shot two dacoits dead while one more dacoit managed to flee, they added.

14 killed in twin Maoist attacks in Chhattisgarh

14 killed in twin Maoist attacks in Chhattisgarh

CHHATTISGARH: At least 14 people, including poll officials and CRPF troops were killed in two Maoist attacks in Chhattisgarh on Saturday.
The first attack took place in Bijapur district where at least seven poll officials were killed after the bus they were travelling in was hit by a landmine blast. The driver and helper of the bus were also killed, three others were injured.

The second attack took place in the state's Darbha valley, where an ambulance was blown up using an IED. Five CRPF jawans were killed and six were injured in the blast.

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